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13 Amazing Artificial Intelligence Benefits and Impact



We have all seen movies where robots take over the world, but for the most part, those scenarios seem far-fetched. However, it turns out Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently integrated itself into our daily lives in ways that we might still be unaware of its effects and how much we depend on it.

Many of us pick up our laptops or cell phones as soon as we wake up to begin our day. From dawn to night, information-searching, planning, and decision-making processes are now driven by AI technology.

AI creeps over every aspect of our personal and professional everyday lives. From helping doctors diagnose diseases to making us drive safer, AI is changing the way we live for the better. Keep reading to learn more about the impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on everyday lives

Artificial intelligence has changed the way we perceive the world.

By 2030, artificial intelligence might contribute $15.7 trillion to the world economy. We have already experienced it in our everyday lives.

Consider all the times you received a book recommendation from Amazon or an advertising post from Facebook. These suggestions are based on machine-learning algorithms that look at the videos or products you have watched or purchased. 

The algorithms gather the information from those purchases to recommend more items you might like. Even your incoming emails go through a simple artificial intelligence filter to keep junk out of your inbox.

But AI applications are much more than just email filtering and book recommendations. Let’s look at other ways to find out how artificial intelligence is affecting our daily lives.

Better Medical Care and Treatments

AI has given us the power to detect diseases and heal injuries in an unprecedented way.

AI in healthcare has developed dramatically so far with full of successful remedies for deadly diseases. Gone are the days when malaria caused over 150 million deaths or chicken pox killed over 300 million people (recorded in the 20th century). Measles, influenza, cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, fatal injuries, and more are all curable today.

For example, AI can help us identify patterns in medical data that would otherwise be difficult to spot. This information is to improve patient care and outcomes.

Hospitals use artificial intelligence for several tasks, from the simplest to the most complex. It includes scheduling appointments, diagnosing patients, providing treatment recommendations, etc.

Automation in Manufacturing

Engineering applications of artificial intelligence have made an automatic revolution in the manufacturing industry.

AI technology has had a significant impact on the field of manufacturing. Advanced organizations tend to use automated engines and AI robots to speed up the process. By automating manufacturing processes, businesses can improve efficiency and reduce the expense of paying workers to do repetitive tasks.

In many cases, AI robots can work faster and more accurately than human workers. As a result, businesses that adopt AI-driven automation solutions can enjoy a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In addition to reducing costs, automated manufacturing helps to improve product quality and safety. As a result, human safety is maximized while human mistakes are minimized.

The industrial revolution brought about many changes to the way goods were produced, and AI is doing the same. Business owners use machine learning and deep learning technologies in several sectors.

Artificial intelligence benefits service-based industries as well. It has impacted every sector, including the hotel industry, aviation, and e-commerce.

Innovative Navigation and Transportation

It is much easier for people to travel all over the world these days.

With AI, we can never get lost again! We can now pinpoint our current location thanks to a comprehensive Global Positioning System in Google Maps & other navigation apps. GPS is a crucial component of the transportation sector.

AI is used for traffic detection and safer navigation in airplanes, trains, cab firms, and other service-based industries. For example, cars equipped with AI-powered sensors can detect oncoming vehicles, and obstacles and adjust car speed and positioning accordingly. This helps drivers in avoiding traffic accidents and determine the fastest route.

There are also artificial intelligence-powered traffic lights based on algorithms that can optimize the traffic flow and autonomous vehicles that could reduce congestion and accidents.

Digital Marketing

AI technology (in machine learning, big data analytics, and other processes) enables marketers to get deep insight into their target audience, as a result, it helps enhance the consumer experience and increase the return on investment (ROI) of advertising campaigns.

For example, Facebook Pixel collects data about web searches and people’s actions on a website to show targeted ads to people who are more likely to take the desired action. Then, it helps marketers in tracking conversions, optimizing ads, and retargeting.

There are tons of marketing tools supporting marketers in creating compelling content such as Jasper, Google Analytics, Surfer SEO, Grammarly, Canva, Google Optimize, and more. These AI-powered tools have the ability to generate and analyze content, then provide it to the appropriate audiences on the appropriate channels.

Logistics & Delivery

Logistics and delivery have been revolutionized by the advent of artificial intelligence. FedEx and UPS are using AI to make sure products are delivered on time. With the help of AI, they can now track packages and optimize routes. This has resulted in a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy. As a result, customers are now receiving their orders faster and with fewer errors.

In addition, AI has also helped to improve safety in the workplace. By automating tasks and monitoring activity, AI can help to prevent accidents and injuries. As AI continues to develop, it is likely that its impact on logistics and delivery will only continue to grow.

Improving Data Management

Thanks to AI technologies, data science has made great strides over the past few years.

The application of artificial intelligence in data management can be very beneficial. For example, data entry is a time-consuming task often prone to error. However, now we can automate data entry, reducing the risk of error and saving time.

Today, artificial intelligence helps programmers create databases for storing, classifying, and organizing unstructured data with the help of deep learning and machine learning. In addition, artificial intelligence helps analyze data sets, identify patterns and trends, and make predictions. 

This information is then for managing data most effectively. As a result, artificial intelligence can play a valuable role in computer science and data science.

National Security and Cybersecurity

AI has the potential to ensure human safety, both physically and virtually.

There were 1,63 million cybersecurity breaches in 2017, but in 2020 this figure decreased to only over 1 million. Cyberattacks, hacking, and other cyber dangers are still under control thanks to the development of AI. It can more effectively and economically secure data. Therefore, preventing terrorism or even small-scale data theft and making people safer.

AI platforms use speech and facial recognition software against illegal access. Cybersecurity professionals are also using Strong AI to defend against ever-more sophisticated attacks. Specifically, neural networks can automatically detect and respond to threats, identify faces, and track the movements of people and objects.

Strong AI allows militaries to develop new weapons systems, improve their situational awareness, and make better decisions. GPS also makes it simpler to track down and find criminals anywhere around the planet.

Banking and Finance

AI is also helping to protect against fraud and other attacks on bank accounts. By identifying unusual patterns of behavior, AI helps banks flag potential fraudsters before they are able to cause any damage. In addition, AI can help to keep sensitive information safe by recognizing unauthorized access attempts and alerting the proper authorities. As more and more businesses turn to AI for help with their data management, it is clear that this technology will continue to have a major impact on the banking and finance industries.

Integrated Entertainment

AI-powered entertainment platforms have caused a revolution in mainstream media.

AI-powered entertainment platforms have sparked a media revolution. The AI applications in entertainment are endless and are already creeping into the industry and our daily lives.

For example, consider the field of video game development. AI also helps create realistic characters in role-playing games that can interact with players in believable ways. We now have an entirely new virtual world that seems and feels incredibly lifelike with integrated VR/AR gadgets.

In addition, AI is also being used to create more immersive and interactive experiences for users. For example, some streaming apps and services now offer features like picture-in-picture mode, making it easier for users to bookmark what they are watching and pick up where they left off. AI is also used to create realistic digital avatars, write movie scripts, and even compose original music.

Intelligent Weather Prediction

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we predict the weather.

Weather forecasts are also more accurate than they were in the past, thanks to AI technologies. It is easier to examine and forecast climate and weather conditions in particular regions. It allows the authorities the time they need to relocate the population to a safer area.

GPS and weather forecasting systems use live satellite feeds and sensor data to provide precise and useful information. Preventing natural calamities that would otherwise result in the loss of life and property is, therefore, more pleasant.

The agriculture industry benefits from forecasting since it provides farmers with precise information on impending rainy and dry seasons. We can always rely on weather prediction to help plan our daily lives.

The Effect on Society (through Media)

 AI plays a dominant role in shaping our beliefs and opinions.

AI has also had an indelible influence on social media. Bots and automated systems developed by social media sites like Facebook and Instagram track our online activities and learn about our preferences.

This makes it simpler for businesses to sell their goods and provide services that meet our demands and media recommendations. AI is also used to stop cyberbullying, stop online trolling, and find objectionable content and fake news.

On the other hand, by analyzing social media accounts, AI algorithms have led to the development of echo chambers, where people only see information that reinforces their pre-existing worldview.

While this can lead to a greater understanding of and connection with like-minded individuals, it can also create social division and prejudice. Besides, watching short videos or video summaries on social media is shortening our attention span. 

Optimization and Time Savings

AI not only helps us work more efficiently, but it also saves us a lot of time and effort.

Artificial intelligence platforms are helping us save a significant amount of time and effort. For example, search engines keep track of the users’ search history to optimize search results. Smart assistants help us to answer questions with relevant replies.

Natural language processing enables computers to scale other linguistic tasks and even converse with humans in their language. Those are the simplest examples of artificial intelligence.

AI allows many businesses to save a lot of money and manpower during production processes. Entrepreneurs save time on product distribution and shipment. Customers get access to order tracking, delivery schedule information, and more.

Repetition is eliminated, accuracy is increased, and mistake detection is caught in its preliminary stages. AI is also a limitless, sustainable, and renewable resource.

Personalized and Interactive Experiences

AI has infiltrated every aspect of daily life, simplifying everything right at your fingertips.

AI has made our lives more convenient. With the help of voice assistants, we can now perform tasks such as sending emails and setting reminders with just a few voice commands.

How frequently do you use some smart personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana? 

Have you used Amazon’s Alexa to order an Uber or Google Assistant to schedule appointments? 

Every time you contact these smart digital assistants, you are interacting with AI that is based on deep learning and neural networks.

Our smartphones now have capabilities that allow them to understand our needs and provide relevant information. For example, AI can recommend music or self-driving cars that can recommend scenic routes.

AI is making our homes smarter. Everything is at your fingertips: book tickets, do online orders, and monitor the position of your package. 

Devices such as thermostats and lights can now be controlled using artificial intelligence, making our lives more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a way for computers to learn on their own, just like humans. The computer starts with basic knowledge and then gets better over time as it collects more data. It is an integral part of artificial intelligence.

What are the disadvantages of artificial intelligence?

There are a few disadvantages to artificial intelligence, which include:

  1. It can be expensive to develop and implement.
  2. It can require a lot of energy to run, which can be a problem for mobile devices or other devices that rely on battery power.
  3. It can sometimes make mistakes, which can have serious consequences.
  4. It can be used for evil purposes, such as creating autonomous weapons.
  5. It can lead to job losses as machines increasingly perform tasks that humans currently do.

How does AI eliminate human error?

Ai can eliminate human error by performing tasks with a high degree of accuracy. For example, an artificial intelligence system can automatically check for errors in data entry or spot trends that may indicate fraudulent activity. Ai can be used to monitor industrial processes and identify potential problems before they occur.

Can artificial intelligence outsmart human intelligence?


AI can outsmart human intelligence, although this is not guaranteed. Artificial intelligence systems have been designed to beat humans at certain tasks, such as chess or Go. 

However, AI still has a long way to go before it can match humans in terms of general intelligence. Additionally, there are some tasks only humans can perform that artificial intelligence cannot, such as creativity or social interaction.

How does AI help with human resources?

AI can help with human resources in several ways. For example, AI can be used to automatically screen resumes and identify the most qualified candidates for a job. It can monitor employee performance and identify training or development needs.

Additionally, it can be used to create virtual assistants that can handle tasks such as scheduling appointments or answering questions about company policies.


So what does the future hold for artificial intelligence? Judging by how fast it’s evolving and infiltrating our lives, the possibilities are endless. But with great power comes great responsibility, and we need to make sure that AI benefits humanity as a whole.

I believe that the key to making this happen is education. Everyone from children to adults needs to be aware of the implications of artificial intelligence and learn how to use it ethically and responsibly. What do you think?

Aziz Khan is the founder of Leogens. He is a solutions architect and a digital marketer in the AI world. When he's not working he transforms into a photographer and a BJJ practitioner. Aziz is a vegetarian and loves to rescue animals.

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6 Best SEO Software For Keyword Research (Ranked & Reviewed)



Best Overall

The most comprehensive keyword research tool.

Try Ahrefs for FreeRead Review
Best Optimization

Great for optimizing content & SERP Rankings.

Try SurferSEORead Review
For Long Tail Keywords

Amazing tool for finding long tail keywords.

Try AnswerThePublicRead Review

To dominate the online world and claim the coveted top spot in search engine rankings, good software for keyword research is your secret weapon.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the top 6 keyword research tools in the ever-changing SEO landscape. We’re talking about industry giants like SurferSEO, SEMrush, and Ahrefs, each with features designed to unearth those elusive keywords that can make or break your search results ranking.

So, if you’re ready to unlock the secrets of keyword research and take your online presence to unprecedented heights, join me as we explore the six top-ranked SEO software tools that will elevate your digital strategy to legendary status. Let’s dive in!

6 Best Keyword Research Tools of All Time






Keyword Hero


For SEO tools, Ahrefs has ranked the best software for keyword research for years. It is a full-suite tool for growing organic traffic and optimizing websites. Ahrefs excels in keyword search and allows webmasters to analyze the historical performance of keywords. The free version of this tool gives you access to webmaster tools, Bing keyword tool, website checker, backlink checker, keyword rank checker, etc.


Some of the core features of this keyword research tool include:

Site Explorer: This allows you to get an overview of the performance of your site, see metrics like average monthly search volume and compare the performance of multiple websites.

Keywords Explorer: This has sub-features like traffic potential which shows how organic traffic a top-ranking page is garnering for a particular keyword or search term.

Rank Tracker: Ahrefs rank tracker allows you to monitor your website ranking in up to 170 countries. All you have to do is input the seed keyword, select the countries and competitors, then voila!

Content Explorer: This tool can help you develop the most optimal content strategy for your website. You can perform competitive research, find low-competition topics, analyze your organic traffic and social mentions, and get access to lots of SEO features.


Gain a competitive advantage with unparalleled keyword insights.

Improve search engine optimization efforts through seamless integration with the Google Search Console.

Optimize content for organic search traffic on Google, YouTube, and TikTok, expanding reach and visibility.

Stay ahead with regular updates on Google search results and estimated search traffic.


Here are the pricing tiers available for Ahrefs:

Lite: This is the basic plan starting at $99 per month, which provides access to essential features like the SEO dashboard, site explorer, keywords explorer, site audit, and rank tracker.

Standard: The standard plan starts at $199 monthly, offering additional features and higher limits suitable for growing businesses and agencies. Additional features include six months of history, SERP updates, content explorer, batch analysis, and report sharing.

Advanced: The advanced plan starts at $399 per month, providing increased limits, advanced features, and enhanced data access, which is ideal for larger enterprises and agencies with more extensive needs. It provides 2 years of history, google data studio integration, dashboard folders, and web explorer.

Enterprise: For agencies and large organizations with extensive requirements, Ahrefs offers custom plans tailored to specific needs. On this plan, you get access to unlimited history and access management, etc.


SurferSEO is one of the best SEO software for keyword research available. With its focus on keyword research, SurferSEO offers a suite of features designed to help users find keywords, uncover search terms and variations, and optimize their content for improved search engine rankings. It boasts a range of tools, including the SERP Analyzer, Content Editor, and Growflow. SurferSEO also offers support for long-tail and exact-match keywords and serves as a cost-effective alternative to paid tools. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and pricing options of SurferSEO.

Software For Keyword Research


Content Editor: With Surfer content editor, you can generate all the keywords, create an outline and write your article as Surfer helps you optimize in real-time. Alternatively, you can utilize the Surfer AI to do all the work. Either way, you’ll have amazing content at the end of the day.

Keyword Research: Surfer keyword research tool saves you hours of research. A single click generates dozens of keywords related to your original keyword.

Surfer AI: With this tool, all you have to do is select your keyword list, choose a tone of voice, select relevant organic competitors, and review the generated article.

Audit: This tool is used to reassess content, discover SEO errors and optimize for better ranking. It generates insights like content length, NLP entities coverage, number of headings, page speed, missing backlinks, and meta tag structure.


Access to a powerful keyword research tool to identify valuable keywords for content optimization.

Uncover search terms and variations, enabling targeted and relevant content creation.

Utilize the SERP Analyzer to gain insights into competitor strategies and identify optimization opportunities.

Optimize content effectively using the Content Editor’s keyword recommendations.

Utilize Growflow to streamline project management and enhance SEO campaign efficiency.

Cost-effective alternative to paid research tools, providing valuable data and insights without additional expenses.

Support for long-tail keywords, catering to niche markets and specific search queries.


Here are the pricing tiers available for Surfer SEO:

Lite: On this plan, you get 36 articles per year and 120 keywords. It is best for hobbyists and individuals getting started with SEO.

Essential: On this plan you get 84 articles annually and 100 keywords daily. It is best for small teams and professionals handling medium-sized projects. it also comes with access to the plagiarism checker, terms assistant, google docs integration, sharable links, etc

Advanced: This plan is best for experts and teams that require bigger limits. You can generate 300 articles annually and research 100 keywords daily on this plan. It comes with everything on the essential plan.

Max: This comprehensive package allows for 600 articles annually and 100 daily keyword research. It comes with everything on the advanced plan and add-ons like personalized product training, a dedicated customer success manager, legal assistance, etc.


AnswerThePublic is a unique software for keyword research that stands out in the realm of SEO tools, offering a fresh approach to finding relevant keywords and generating content ideas. It aggregates Bing and Google autocomplete suggestions to provide a comprehensive understanding of user queries. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and how AnswerThePublic can help you find keywords easily.


Apart from the free keyword tool, Answerthepublic offers only pro features that enable users to monitor and get alerted on new keywords, monthly searches, and competitor analysis. it also allows users to compare historical data, organize research data in folders and export the CSV file where necessary.


Access to a unique keyword tool that generates a wide range of keyword ideas based on search data.

Uncover long-tail keywords that may not be easily identified through other methods.

Save on costs using AnswerThePublic instead of relying on paid keyword research tools.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of user intent by analyzing the questions, prepositions, and queries related to a specific keyword.

Enhance content strategy by aligning it with the most relevant and frequently searched queries.


Here are the pricing tiers available for Answerthepublic:

Individual: Among other things, this plan allows users to perform 100 keyword searches per day, and access to search data. It is a one-user plan for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Pro: The pro plan has a three-user band for teams that carry out competitive research on businesses. It also allows access to search data, cost-per-click, and unlimited searches daily.

Expert: This plan has all the features of the Pro plan plus an unlimited user band. It is for larger teams.


Ubersuggest is widely recognized as one of the best keyword research tools available, offering a comprehensive suite of features to optimize search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a beginner, Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool that empowers users to audit sites, analyze backlink profiles, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their SEO strategies. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and how Ubersuggest excels as one of the top keyword research tools.


Site Audit: As soon as users enter their domain extension or seed keyword in the search bar, Ubersuggest provides insights like organic keywords, paid keywords, and total traffic. It also checks for SEO issues and provides recommendations for improving website performance.

Content Ideas: This feature helps users generate topic ideas based on keyword research and Google trends.

Backlink Data: Offers backlink analysis to gain insights into competitors’ link profiles and identify opportunities for link building.

Keyword Suggestions: Long tail keyword and seed keyword searches have never been easier. This free keyword research tool helps users discover the right keywords, volume, and competition.


Access to one of the best keyword research tools, enabling users to discover valuable keywords for their SEO strategy.

In-depth search volume data provides insights into search trends, competition, and potential traffic opportunities.

The site Audit feature assists in identifying and fixing SEO issues that may be affecting website performance.

The content ideas feature provides inspiration for creating engaging and relevant content based on keyword research and search trends.


Ubersuggest offers 3 pricing plans namely: individual, business, and enterprise plans. The free plan gives users access to generate up to 150 reports daily while the enterprise plan gets up to 900 reports daily. Pages crawled per site audit and Chrome extension search limits also vary by plan. It is also worthy of note that Ubersuggest offers a one-time lifetime plan that is 90% cheaper than offers from most keyword research tools.


SEMrush simplifies the process of keyword research, providing valuable insights and tools for finding new and related keywords everywhere, including long-tail keywords. The Keyword Magic Tool, a standout feature of SEMrush, enhances the keyword research process by offering a vast database of keyword suggestions and related terms. Additionally, SEMrush offers both free and paid keyword research tools, allowing users to access valuable data and insights without additional expenses. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and how SEMrush excels as a top choice for keyword research.


Some of the many features of SEMrush include the following:

Keyword Research: This has tools like the keyword magic tool, organic research, and keyword gap. it shows users the organic and advertising value of a given keyword, as well as competition level, SERP features, and keyword variations.

On-page SEO: It features tools like an on-page SEO checker, log file analyzer, and site audit. It checks the overall site’s health and its crawlability.

Competitive Analysis: This allows users to track what competitors are doing on social media, as well as their paid and organic traffic health. It offers insights into search volume, keyword difficulty, and competition analysis to optimize keyword targeting.

Content Marketing: This allows users to combine their creativity with the power of analytics. Users are able to create a marketing plan, develop an SEO content template, track their posts, and audit content.

Other features of SEMrush include local SEO, rank tracking, social media management, link building, content optimization, and market analysis.


Access to comprehensive software for keyword research that simplifies the process of finding new keywords

Insights into search volume, keyword difficulty, and competition analysis help refine keyword targeting and optimize SEO efforts.

The Keyword Magic Tool provides an extensive database of keyword suggestions and related terms, offering inspiration and expanding keyword opportunities.

Ability to uncover and target long-tail keywords, which can result in more specific and targeted organic traffic.

Support for multiple search engines allows for a broader reach and optimization across different platforms.

Integration with other SEMrush features enhances keyword strategy by providing a holistic view of SEO performance and competitor analysis.


Pro: The main features of this plan include access to tools for competitor analysis, site audit, and keyword research. It generates up to 10,000 results per report.

Guru: This plan is designed for agencies and mid-sized businesses. it allows them access to content marketing tools, historical data for decision-making, and device and location tracking.

Business: All the features of the other plans as well as extended limits, API data, PLA analytics, and free migration from third-party tools.

Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero is a valuable tool in the realm of Google Ads and keyword research, providing essential insights and data to optimize advertising campaigns. While a Google Ads account offers its own free keyword tool and planning tool, Keyword Hero offers additional features and benefits to enhance keyword research and campaign performance.


Keyword and Traffic Analysis: Offers extensive keyword research capabilities to discover valuable keywords for Ad campaigns. The integration with Google Search Console to unveil “Not Provided” keyword data, providing valuable insights for optimization.

Boost your Organic ROI: Support for free keyword research, allowing users to access valuable data and insights without additional expenses. It provides detailed metrics and analysis to measure the performance and effectiveness of keywords and campaigns.


Access to powerful keyword research capabilities, enabling advertisers to discover valuable keywords to optimize their campaigns.

Integration with Google Search Console fills the gap left by Google Analytics, providing insights into the “Not Provided” keyword data.

Focus on long-tail keywords allows for more targeted and relevant campaigns, resulting in improved click-through rates and conversions.

The availability of free keyword research tools provides a cost-effective solution for advertisers to access valuable data and insights.

Detailed metrics and analysis enable advertisers to measure the performance and effectiveness of keywords and campaigns, making data-driven decisions.


Keyword Hero offers four pricing tiers which include the free Little Hero plan that can analyze up to 2000 sessions, the Big Hero plan for 10,000 sessions, the Giant Hero plan for 50,000 sessions, and the Ultimate Hero plan for 250,000 sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO tool?

An SEO tool is a software or online platform that assists in optimizing websites for search engines. It provides insights, analysis, and features to improve search rankings, keyword research, and overall website performance to enhance visibility and organic traffic.

What is keyword analysis in SEO?

Keyword analysis in SEO is the process of researching and evaluating keywords relevant to a website or content. It involves identifying search terms, and analyzing their search volume, competition, and relevance, to determine the most effective keywords for optimization and ranking in organic search engine results.

Are Free keyword research tools any good?

The short answer is YES. There are many amazing freemium tools and even totally free tools that are provided by Google. They are great for people that are starting out. Below are a few provided by Google.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a part of Google ads and is a great free keyword research tool for people who want to use Google ads. You can also use the Google keyword planner to write blogs as it offers great keyword suggestions.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a choice-free tool because it gives users access to breakout and trending keywords even before they appear in traditional keyword tools. It helps users stay ahead of the competition with fresh keyword ideas.

What are the 3 main elements of keyword research?

The 3 main elements of the keyword research process are keyword difficulty, search volume, and keyword ideas. Although there are many other factors like backlinks and domain rating that impact search results, the 3 basic elements of keyword research are where everyone usually starts.

Ahrefs and Semrush are the only tools that have frequent keyword updates. Ubersuggest and Answerthepublic rank second when it comes to updates.

How do I find the best keywords for free?

The best free keyword research tool is Ahrefs webmaster tools. Ubersuggest Free Version and ranks among the best keyword research tools. Google Trends is a great resource as well. However, it’s not as detailed as some of the other paid tools. Answer the public is a great tool if you want long-tail keywords. It will give you information on search volume, keyword difficulty & keyword ideas and help you find high-volume and low-competition keywords.


In conclusion, these top-ranked SEO tools, including Ahrefs, SurferSEO, AnswerThePublic, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, and Keyword Hero, provide valuable insights and features for effective keyword research. By incorporating these tools, users can optimize their content strategies, uncover valuable keywords, and achieve higher search engine rankings to drive organic traffic. Elevate your SEO game with these powerful tools and watch your website thrive.

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7 Mind-Blowing Ways AI in SEO Is Changing Blogs



With over 8.5 billion searches recorded each day, the internet has become the ultimate source of information today. From trivial recipe searches to critical body symptoms, people rely heavily on online sources.

Marketers in the past focused on the mere availability of website data which no longer satisfies the modern ranking techniques as the world of SEO is constantly evolving. Just like other fields, the influence of Artificial Intelligence in SEO has drastically changed the search rankings dynamics for website traffic.

The latest AI SEO tools employ keyword research for ranking on search engines and linking organic traffic. SEO stats assist in content writing and decision-making, so you can utilize SEO resources and AI capabilities smartly.

If marketers don’t pay attention to SEO optimization incorporate SEO strategies, their web page will fail to rank and their business will eventually lose revenue. Choosing the right content optimization strategy can be tricky for increasing your rankings. Therefore, in this post, we have compiled the popular AI-based SEO tools and discussed modern content marketing techniques.

7 Ways AI in SEO Tools Are Changing Blogs

The role of artificial intelligence in search engine optimization has remarkably changed the domain of content writing. The specialized AI tools not only help in content optimization but also offer the ability to perform and manage SEO tasks diligently.

We have shortlisted 7 ways in how AI-powered tools are working more than ordinary SEO software.

Explore Ranking Opportunities

The most critical aspect of search engine optimization is detecting hidden ranking opportunities that haven’t been explored by others yet. A well-built AI tool can significantly help SEO managers in boosting their website’s rank.

In the past decade, robust AI-powered SEO tools have been developed that provide deep insight into finding important keywords to target and figuring out link-building opportunities. Following these steps on top of the other insights can aid you craft a proper content strategy for exponentially boosting your website’s SEO organically.

The constantly evolving SEO game needs you to exploit opportunities that have not been considered by your competitors, giving you a better avenue for ranking. Digging manually into these opportunities can cost you time, skills, and much more labor in your SEO efforts. But if you switch to AI-based SEO and content tools let you quickly find out golden search engine optimization opportunities. Therefore, making AI a part of the SEO workflows is very important for optimal growth.

Easy Keyword Research

As the competition to rank on various search engines is growing stronger with time, you can’t rely on manual scrutiny or outdated keyword research methods. Rather, you must search uncommon keywords, unique title ideas, and advanced SEO opportunities to stand out.

Though sounds simple, preparing a list of keywords can become nerve-wracking the longer you stay in the SEO ranking race. You may end up clueless and unclear about the different content pieces you should build out next.

The latest SEO tools give you the opportunity to know which existing and new keywords are being used by your competitors. They are capable of setting the keyword density, finding target keywords based on the user intent, preparing meta titles, and composing SEO-friendly content. You don’t have to worry about keyword difficulty when using such a keyword research tool.

SEO tools like SEMrush and SurferSEO can generate several keyword suggestions and propose ranking ideas. You can simply add these terms to your own list, incorporate the recommendations, and boost your ranking game. Forget about getting short of ideas for your blog post or new web pages with these tools.

Automatic Content Creation

After you are done with the target keyword research, AI-based tools search the internet to prepare AI-generated content around that keyword. Content writing is no longer a tedious task dependent on human writers. Rather these AI writing tools can easily write content like a blog post and incredible storylines for you.

Additionally, you can also find the following factors within a few seconds:

  • Popular/Hot topics
  • Content gaps to be explored
  • The average number of sections to add

Using these detailed insights, content marketers can develop suitable plans for their target audience. You can easily tailor AI content to solve a particular problem by designing personalized in a less time-consuming manner to satisfy user intent.

Moreover, these AI writing tools can ensure that the content you create matches the requirements of your users and stays relevant at every stage of the pipeline. With automatic content creation, the chances of poor-quality content are minimal. The main focus of AI writing is creating content for web pages that users enjoy reading and find informative.

Online Content Optimization

Using AI-based tools you can create content for your landing pages or social media posts. The best thing is that it uses machine learning algorithms to deliver optimized content in just a few clicks.

Content optimization revolved around keywords, backlinks, internal links, and other SEO tactics for years. All these indicators still hold importance, but modern search engines focus more on the searcher’s intent during the search process. You need AI-generated content optimized to assess user intent.

AI-based SEO tools help you add keywords and LSIs in the context organically. They suggest you the optimal length of content on a topic and let you create content that answers user queries directly and helps it rank. Google particularly likes to serve this type of content to its users where you can expertly answer their queries.

AI-based Voice Search Options

According to research, the number of voice assistants is likely to hit 8.4 billion globally (exceeding the current population of the world) in the coming years. With the evolution of natural language processing, voice search is becoming popular among users. Due to the increased trend to use voice-activated devices to search the internet, Voice SEO (VSEO) has become an unavoidable aspect of the world of SEO.

Most voice searches are made in the form of questions. Therefore, you need to optimize VSEO by answering the queries asked by the users. For this reason, AI-powered Frase allows users to create VSEO-optimized content by displaying the questions popularly being asked by the searchers. You can use these queries for building content around them to help your searchers.

Furthermore, you need to consider the conversational aspect of voice searches, using the AI concepts of NLP in practice. Hot tools like Grammarly and Hemmingway can significantly allow you to compose more conversational content by evaluating the content suggesting tone changes and highlighting hard-to-read passages. Also, in terms of VSEO, voice assistants produce only one answer as the SERP data.

SEO Content Strategy

Handling SEO content is a slow and long process manually, where marketers find it hard to achieve results instantly. However, AI-inspired techniques have changed the old trends incredibly. With AI-powered tools, a major part of repetitive and tedious tasks in SEO have been replaced by collecting data, analyzing it, and converting it into practical steps.

Additionally, the latest SEO tools like Alli AI, can aid with your technical SEO requirements. You can get your content optimized automatically, resolve content duplication issues, and carry out audits of websites. Moreover, AI SEO software lets you assess top-performing content, and create and scale your content creation strategy.

Consequently, it can boost your SEO efforts instantly without overburdening the team members. AI tools help in SEO content research, and designing SEO strategy, while considering SEO perspective for Google search results and other engines. In this way, AI takes over the difficult, repetitive, and time-consuming aspects of SEO and frees up the team members to focus on other things that require human involvement.

Improved User Experience

The primary focus of Google (the Giant) and other search engines is the user. Therefore, focusing on user experience (UX) is a critical element of SEO.

Google emphasizes noticing page experience, which is an indicator that lets you measure your client’s satisfaction when visiting the website. It is not limited to the informational value provided by the page, rather, it considers the overall user experience the page offers.

It is evident that pages with negative user experience don’t rank. But if your search engine starts thinking and functioning more like real human users, it can determine if your web page will result in a positive user experience or not in advance. Whenever any user inserts a search query, your search engine must actively ensure that relevant results are provided.

Furthermore, the pages should be properly structured, mobile-friendly, quick to load, and easy to navigate. When users enjoy using your website with a personalized experience, it will lead to increased activities and spending more time on the page. You can use these indicators as search engine signals indicating your content to be worth ranking with a higher record on SERP analysis.

A popular AI content tool, Market Brew imitates traditional search engines and suggests ways of improving your website’s user experience. Therefore, e-commerce businesses or other content marketing teams no longer have to guess about SEO content or Google Analytics. These tools can help you fix your content by implementing best practices to please your audience/readers.

AI SEO Tools

With different tools available commercially, it gets difficult to pick one that fulfills your requirements. Therefore, we have listed popular AI SEO tools below.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an AI tool that helps in the organic traffic growth of websites, raises their rankings, and makes them prominent. It provides SEO insights by discovering fresh research topics, suggesting unique content ideas, and identifying top-ranking keywords. Also, its AI content checker can compute plagiarism scores against your AI-generated content.

SurferSEO’s SEO Audit tool finds the page speed, NLP sentiments, and errors in the SEO. Moreover, it lets you on your website improvement by observing your competitors’ strategies. Its outline builder helps you structure an outline with proper and unique headings. It has a free and paid version for users. primarily detects AI content and plagiarism with high accuracy. It is capable of identifying the latest ChatGPT and GPT-4 content creation for web publishers. It offers a Readability feature to let your content rank better on Google Search Engines.

With the activity history functions, you can keep track of your team’s editorial process and manage their overall performance. Furthermore, it allows you to perform unlimited scans and add unlimited team members. Additionally, shareable reports and readability scores enhance your work quality while boosting confidence levels.


Semrush is another popular tool to support marketing experts attain maximum organic search rankings. It lets you visualize your standing against your competitor and devise a new strategy by analyzing their estimated traffic sources, backlinks, time on page, total traffic, and other factors.

Semrush’s content marketing capabilities provide suggestions on length and readability to help writers generate SEO-friendly content. It also identifies keywords with high relevance and top performance for your topic. You can use its writing assistant to prepare Google-friendly content and the Content Audit to figure out the parts that need updation or deletion.

Alli AI

Alli AI offers automated SEO adjustment for users to optimize their sites efficiently in no time. You can easily integrate Alli AI into commonly used management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, or Joomla. Moreover, it edits and optimizes your page content instantly using the live editor.

You can automate meta tags, alts for images, and link descriptions in a cost-effective manner to publish your website immediately. Its link-building tool surveys the top websites in your domain online and gives recommendations for links. You can easily improve your SEO strategy by visualizing its AI reports. It offers a 10-day free trial for exploration.


Grammarly is one of the most commonly used and popular AI writing tools. You can check spelling, verify punctuation, and assess the clarity of your English text with this cloud-based typing assistant. It helps you customize your tone and delivery style by assessing your content.

Grammarly can be used as a Chrome extension on Google Docs and WordPress or as a standalone app on different devices. Moreover, it comes with citation support and a plagiarism detector to ensure high research originality. Its lifetime free version provides writing suggestions and displays your content score for improvement.


INK is a combination of an AI writing, editing, and SEO assistant for good-quality content development. It helps you improve your ranking score with keyword research and high organic traffic driving content generation. Furthermore, its AI co-writing tool assists in generating text and simplifying sentences.

INK reports grammar and spelling mistakes in your text and even generates AI images based on your input. Interestingly, its AI Content Shield detects AI content and plagiarized text. It’s free trial work for 5 days for up to 10k words.


Frase is an AI-based content creation and optimization tool with a built-in AI writer. It prepares content briefs within a few minutes instead of consuming hours in research, analysis, and compilation. It lets you find the concepts, keywords, and sections designed by your competitors.

Frase brings a content editor to develop Google-friendly content while displaying analytics to identify and boost pages with declining ranks. It also provides brief templates which can be customized to save time. You can get Frase’s 5-day trial for $1 to test the features and environment.


MarketMuse is an AI-powered content-monitoring tool to sense gaps in your strategy. It can help find unused keywords to lift your website’s organic ranking. Furthermore, it automates auditing your content and figures out the missing elements.

MarketMuse helps in AI content planning and marketing by analyzing your content, recommending topics, and creating content briefs. Interestingly, it comes with ChatGPT integration for accelerated development. You can try its free trial for 7 days covering 10 queries.


MarketBrew is primarily a search engine modeling tool. It provides a complete plan to achieve the highest possible search ranking and lets you compare your site in detail against the top performers. Moreover, it even inspects minor meta descriptions or HTML content to find better ranking opportunities.

MarketBrew is a highly user-friendly tool that predicts SEO rankings and covers everything from on-page to off-page. It uses genetic algorithms to compute accurate results and displays technical dashboards of your website.


Diib offers SEO and traffic insights to help you accelerate growth. Its Answer Engine deeply analyzes your website and your competitor’s webpage. It automates your SEO tasks and syncs with Google Analytics to design easy and custom growth plans.

Diib measures the daily health of your website based on 12 different metrics and generates alerts in case of issues. With Diib, you can simply scan your website and learn ways of increasing your speed, SEO, and security. It also offers a free plan with limited features to test the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is AI SEO?

AI has become an essential part of common search engine algorithms and plays a significant role in developing SEO strategies. With AI-based deep data analysis, you can analyze search engines, design effective SEO strategies, and boost your website ranking.

AI SEO is a search engine optimization practice involving artificial intelligence for enhancing the organic performance of a website. From identifying top trending topics to detecting content gaps, AI SEO can help you perform tasks more efficiently and quickly. Many different AI SEO tools can examine your website’s performance and suggest solutions to improve weak areas.

What Are the Types of SEO?

SEO is of four different types to develop SEO marketing strategies.

On-page: On-page SEO is one of the most common ways to increase your website visibility and optimize it by adding keywords to your meta descriptions. On-page factors comprise title tags, images, meta descriptions, internal links, etc.

Off-page: Off-page SEO comprises external strategies that lift the website’s ranking and make it appear trustworthy to users. Social media marketing, link building, backlinking, and guest posting are some of the off-page SEO tactics.

Local: Local SEO is a website optimization practice to boost leads, grow traffic, and increase awareness in local searches on Google. You can apply local SEO tactics by engaging on social media, adding your name, and address on every page, requesting reviews from customers on a regular basis, and maintaining Google Business Profile.

Technical: Technical SEO focuses on optimizing websites for search engines to guarantee proper crawling, indexing, and rendering while improving user experience. Improving site speed, assuring mobile-friendly websites, avoiding the same content, and resolving site errors are some of the technical SEO tactics.

Can AI improve SEO?/Why Is SEO Important?

The latest AI techniques and tools have transformed and automated major SEO tasks. AI can significantly improve SEO in different ways.

Two major AI contributions in the field are:

Content Creation

With any modern AI-based content management system, you can generate AI content. When you let AI write for you, the entire process takes minimal time and manual labor. Moreover, these tools can help you find trending topics and content gaps to design personalized content considering the user search intent.

Website Ranking Improvement/Content Optimization

AI SEO tools can identify, provide insights, and compute analytics for assessing top-performing ranks. Nearly every AI SEO tool is capable of comparing the website performance and elevating its ranking based on the competitors. Constantly improving the keywords and optimizing the overall SEO strategy can boost the websites.


Content planning and SEO management can be extremely nerve-wracking for some marketing professionals. From idea curation to constant optimization, the entire process can cost you huge bucks and drain your energy. Moreover, manual research and analysis is not feasible regularly.

Fortunately, with AI magic, SEO tasks can be automated and planned strategically. Many AI SEO tools are available commercially that liberate you from keyword research and the continuous website ranking hassles based on the changing Google analytics.

Let AI write for you and experience the difference!

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9 Awesome Reasons Jasper AI is Worth it in 2023



If you’ve watched any of the Iron Man or Avengers movies you must be familiar with Tony Stark’s AI Assistant Jarvis. You’ve probably also wished that you had an assistant like Jarvis to help you take care of mundane tasks like writing emails or social media posts. Well, say hello to Jasper! Jasper is a purposeful AI writing tool that can help you write emails, blog posts, video scripts and so much more making your life easier.

Funnily enough, Jasper AI was previously known as Jarvis AI when the company was founded. With the aid of this AI tool, you can write 5 times as much content in a shorter amount of time by automatically creating persuasive, alluring copy for your blog posts, landing pages, social media ads, marketing emails, and more.

So, in this Jasper AI review, we are going to look at 9 reasons why Jasper AI is still worth it in 2023 and beyond.

9 Reasons Why You Should Get Jasper AI

Better than ChatGPT

The team at Jasper AI, led by CEO Dave Rogenmoser, and supported by the Proof development team delivered Jasper AI in January 2021.

Currently, Jasper AI is the greatest AI copywriting tool available, earning over 1000 5-star evaluations across a number of the most reliable review sites. This is because it was trained by expert marketers and copywriters, who produce the highest quality content.

You may be thinking why do you need Jasper AI when you can just use ChatGPT? After all, you can use ChatGPT to answer math problems, learn about history, play chess or even have a conversation. This makes ChatGPT the jack of all trades whereas Jasper AI specializes in content writing. Think of it as having your own Marketing Assistant that understands the intricacies of SEO-optimized blog posts, marketing copy, and professional writing. For example, Jasper AI can write using different tones depending on the content. Jasper AI also allows you to write long-form content and rephrase particular paragraphs with ease using its user interface.


Jasper was created by expert online marketers and copywriters. Hence it is by far the best AI content-generation tool out there. It offers unmatched performance when it comes to writing and the templates are simply amazing. It's free to try and won't disappoint.

Jasper AI offers a variety of additional benefits when it comes to content writing and is a lot more versatile. It can write AI content in different languages. Jasper has read over 10% of the internet and is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in different niches.

It is to be noted that the learning curve for Jasper is slightly longer than ChatGPT but it is a specialized tool made for a specific purpose. Whereas ChatGPT is more like a knife in a baby’s hand. Most people that rave about ChatGPT barely know how to use it. Currently, ChatGPT is an escape for lazy people to do the bare minimum at their jobs. Basically, confirming Elon Musk’s words that eventually everyone will have a universal income because all the lazy people will be replaced by AI.

Jasper AI offer a look into the future of content creation with its specific template for specific problems. Long-form content and long-form blog posts are now a breeze. Even if you suffer from writer’s block. Best of all Jasper AI aims to generate plagiarism-free content and for extra peace of mind, it offers a built-in plagiarism checker. All of these features are missing in ChatGPT.

You can even choose your tone of voice with Jasper AI which makes it super fun to use. If you’ve ever used ChatGPT, you know that it spits out very robotic answers.

SEO Optimized Blog Posts

Another feature of Jasper AI is that it writes SEO Optimized content and can be paired with apps such as Surfer SEO. This integration minimizes the time spent optimizing articles allowing you to focus more on the content and editing. Jasper AI can give you entire blog posts that are optimized to rank on Google.

If you feel that generating an entire blog post from an AI writing tool would not be authentic enough for your website then no worries Jasper AI can still help you come up with ideas for a blog post outline and help you with the editing process. Jasper AI also produces unique content writing unlike some other AI writing tools ensuring you’re always producing plagiarism-free content.

Jasper AI is the ideal tool to add to your toolbox if you’re an affiliate blogger like me or a company looking to add a blog to your website to increase organic traffic. Using Boss Mode, you can create blog entries that are SEO-optimized, rank on Google, and drive hundreds or thousands of more visitors to your website each month. You can give Jasper AI voice commands within Boss mode telling it what to do just like Tony Stark would to Jarvis.


Jasper was created by expert online marketers and copywriters. Hence it is by far the best AI content-generation tool out there. It offers unmatched performance when it comes to writing and the templates are simply amazing. It's free to try and won't disappoint.

Furthermore, You can use Jasper AI to write title tags and meta descriptions for your blog entries, website homepages, product pages, and service pages all of which will rank highly on Google and will be SEO-optimized.

These unique features set Jasper AI apart from other content-writing tools out there. Later on, we’ll discuss how the Jasper team which also provides a significant advantage when comparing it to other AI copywriting tools.

Blog post topic ideas hitting a snag, no problem. It’s amazing how Jasper ai can generate SEO-optimized blog posts in such a short amount of time. Meta descriptions no longer take 15-20 minutes but rather 30-60 seconds.

Jasper Ai makes writing a long-form blog post a piece of cake. Again plagiarism-free content is always a good thing.

Tons of Templates

Jasper AI comes with more than 50 templates for creating content of different types. The templates can be used to create long-form content and short-form content. Some of these templates include social media posts, scripts for youtube videos, Facebook ad copy, Amazon product descriptions, blog post outlines, and emails.

Each template works by generating an output based on the entered information which is usually the company name, product description, and tone of voice. You can also select the number of outputs to choose from and always tweak the product descriptions and tone to come up with more suitable outputs. Jasper AI also automatically saves each output so that you can always come back to it if you change your mind.

Jasper also knows about the AIDA framework which is a marketing framework that’s been used for many years. The AIDA model illustrates the four steps a consumer goes through before making a purchase decision. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) are the four phases. Ideally, your material will draw attention to your brand, develop curiosity in your product or service, inspire a desire for it, and prompt action to test or buy it during these four stages. Jasper AI is so smart that it actually understands this framework and works using it to create content for you.

Jasper Art

jasper ai

Jasper Art is a built-in feature of the Jasper AI app that allows you to create images and art using AI. This feature is incredibly useful and can be used to create images for blog posts, thumbnails for Youtube videos, and much more. This AI image generator comes at no extra cost with the standard package. Inside the Jasper Art tool, you start by writing a description of what you’re trying to create. You can then choose a style you want for your image.

Want an anime-style image? You got it. Looking for something different? Choose the origami style. The possibilities are endless with Jasper’s Art. You can also choose the medium of your image for example oil painting or a pencil sketch. Apart from that you can tweak other aspects such as the mood of the image or keywords that should be featured in the image.

Jasper Academy aka Jasper AI Bootcamp

jasper ai


Jasper was created by expert online marketers and copywriters. Hence it is by far the best AI content-generation tool out there. It offers unmatched performance when it comes to writing and the templates are simply amazing. It's free to try and won't disappoint.

Previously known as Jasper Bootcamp, the Jasper AI Bootcamp has since been replaced by Jasper Academy. Currently, Jasper Academy offers two courses, New to Jasper, and Jasper Jumpstart.

The New to Jasper course is meant for absolute beginners and showcases some of the Jaspers features and basic commands and controls. The course modules are Jasper Navigation Basics, Get Started with Jasper, and Account Management. This module should take you about 18 minutes to complete.

  • Get Started with Jasper: This module walks you through writing a blog post using the features of Jasper AI.

  • Account Management: In this module, you go through important features such as how to manage team members, check for plagiarism, and other resources available to help you use Jasper AI.

The Jasper Jumpstart course is designed for you to master Jasper AI. This course takes about 2 hours to complete and consists of 10 modules. I mentioned the modules and their descriptions below.

  • Jasper Navigation Basics: This module is similar to the one offered in the New to Jasper course. Your learning process with Jasper will get underway with this course. By learning all there is to know about Jasper, you can unleash the full potential of your writing partner and watch your creativity soar.
  • How Jasper Thinks: This module goes into detail on how the Jasper AI works behind the scenes. Knowing Jasper’s thought process will make it much easier for you to find high-quality content and fix issues with low-quality content.
  • Jasper Chat: This goes over Jasper Chat, one of the AI tools, in Jasper AI. Jasper Chat is a fun and interesting approach to improving your writing process. You can learn how to include Jasper in your creative process by taking this course.
  • How to Use Templates: In this module you’ll learn the foundations of Jasper which are comprised of more than 60 Templates. Each template is carefully crafted to produce excellent content for a variety of uses.
  • Getting Started with Documents-Writing: If you want to create long-form content you’ll need to use documents. Use this course to discover how to use documents along with Templates and Chat, boost your SEO, and always employ the right tone of voice.
  • Getting Started with Documents-Overview: This module is the natural next step to take in your content creation journey. The Overview module will open up a whole new world of possibilities! Learn what Jasper can and cannot “see” when you’re working on a document. And, more crucially, figure out how to control it.
  • Getting Started with Documents- End to End: This module is for those who struggle to write long-form content. In this course, you’ll learn how to use the Workflows and Recipes feature to create high-quality content with only a few clicks.
  • Setting up Jasper Brand Voice: This module covers Jasper Brand Voice. Jasper Brand Voice (JBV) is a game changer in the field of generative AI; it ensures that your content sounds like you across all channels so users cannot tell your content was written by a machine. It also makes sure that your content always remains relevant and useful to your viewers. This module will teach you about JBV and how to set it up.
  • Jasper Art: This module goes into detail on to use Jasper Art to release your inner artist! With Jasper’s breakthrough text-to-image and image-to-image functionalities, you can effortlessly create breathtaking and one-of-a-kind AI-generated graphics. Take this course to get started producing right now!
  • Account Management: This quick 10-minute lesson will address many questions about account administration and content development.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the Jasper AI software make sure you go through the Jasper Jumpstart and New to Jasper Courses to enhance your knowledge of the application. The Jasper team is always coming up with more tutorials and courses to help you better use the product so check back frequently.

Jasper AI Facebook Group

Jasper AI has an active community on Facebook and is always available to support you. Furthermore, this is also where you can find out if there are any changes to the service or interruptions.

After signing up for Jasper AI, make sure to join the private Jasper Official Community, which is a thriving Facebook Group where you will receive all of the latest updates from the Jasper AI team, learn how to use Jasper to write better copy and connect with other like-minded bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

The Jasper AI Facebook Group already has over 75,000 members and is rapidly expanding.

If you utilize Jasper AI, this is a great benefit since you’ll have access to a free community of over 75,000 other users to learn from.

You may also do what I did and start providing articles to assist the community learn from your experience once you’ve spent some time studying Jasper.

Jasper AI Support

Jasper AI support is incredible and there is always a real person to help you with your issues. you can post an issue on the Jasper AI Facebook group or get in touch with the team through their website. If you’re not looking to speak to someone Jasper also has tons of tutorials on its website that teach you how to use all the different features that come with the software.

Since we’re on the topic of support, I think it’s also important to mention the team behind Jasper AI. The Jasper team had fewer than 10 members when it was founded. It now numbers over 80 members, demonstrating the explosive growth of the business. One of the key elements that set Jasper apart from competing AI systems is this kind of growth.

So, why should you care about the success of Jasper AI? Because improved quality and first-rate support are supplied together with more features more quickly. The Jasper team is incredibly efficient and produces new Jasper AI software features all the time!

The executive team was also a part of the team that created Proof, a company that has assisted more than 25,000 businesses in converting customers into leads and sales. So you know that you’re using a product created by extremely competent professionals within the marketing space. The Jasper AI support team is always on standby to help you if you run into any issues.

Jasper AI Affiliate Program


Jasper was created by expert online marketers and copywriters. Hence it is by far the best AI content-generation tool out there. It offers unmatched performance when it comes to writing and the templates are simply amazing. It's free to try and won't disappoint.

Jasper AI has a generous affiliate program that offers a 30% recurring commission for life. Moreover, if you invite seven friends to try Jasper your membership will be paid for. This is probably one of the most generous affiliate programs out there in the SaaS industry. You can apply to be a part of the Jasper AI affiliate program.

If you are selected as a Jasper affiliate partner, you will be invited to join the exclusive “Jasper Affiliate Partners” Facebook Group, where you will be able to acquire best practices and guidance for advertising Jasper to generate referrals and recurring revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Jasper Ai?

Bloggers – If you’re an affiliate blogger like me or a business wanting to add a blog to your website to increase organic traffic, Jasper AI is a must-have tool. You will be able to develop SEO-optimized blog entries that will rank on Google and deliver hundreds if not thousands, more visitors to your website each month by utilizing Boss Mode.

Business owners – If you are an entrepreneur, can assist you in rapidly expanding your firm. With 50+ copywriting templates, you’re bound to discover a few that you can utilize to generate appealing AI text to attract a wider audience.

Advertisers – If you’re a marketer, you’ll like Jasper’s plethora of copywriting templates for producing advertising, engaging your audience on social media, and sending marketing emails.

Agencies – If you own a content creation firm, why not utilize your Jasper AI assistant to help you generate attractive copy for sales funnels, landing sites, and social media posts? It’s like adding a professional copywriter to your team at a fraction of the cost.

Why did Jarvis AI change to Jasper AI?

Changing its name to Jasper AI from Jarvis AI was a strategic decision made by the Jasper AI team to avoid having a legal dispute with Marvel or Disney due to the Marvel movie Iron Man which features an AI character called Jarvis who is the assistant of the protagonist Tony Stark. However, don’t worry, the change from Jarvis AI to Jasper AI did not change any of Jasper’s features, in fact, it has only gotten better and new features since then.

Is Jasper good for academic writing?

Jasper can be used for academic writing as it produces plagiarism-free content. Although it doesn’t really have a template for academic writing and is heavily focused on copywriting and blog posts, Jasper AI can generate surprisingly awesome essays too. You can use Jasper to generate outlines and then generate paragraphs that follow the guidelines and format for your essay. It’s definitely a tool to use if you want to overcome writer’s block no matter the application.

Can Google detect Jasper AI content?

Yes, Google can detect AI-generated content and will likely detect Jasper AI content too. However, this should not be of concern as long as you edit your articles and make sure you don’t publish fully AI-created content. Google can detect AI content writing tools but it can only do so if you don’t edit your content. As long as you are creating content that is helpful to humans instead of just AI-produced gibberish that is only meant to rank on Google you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Is Jasper Art Worth it?

Jasper Art comes with the standard Jasper AI subscription. I personally think this feature is definitely a bonus to all the features built into the Jasper AI platform. As a tool that generates fantastic images without the need of getting a separate subscription to another software to generate images for blog posts or content, Jasper AI is a great tool for all levels of content creators. Furthermore, you get unlimited image generation for the monthly price.

Is Jasper AI for free?

Jasper AI offers a free 7-day trial after which you’ll have to choose a plan based on your needs. Jasper offers three separate plans. The creator plan, the team plan, and the business plan. The pricing for each plan is in the image below.

As you can see in the image above the basic plan starts at $49 per month. All the options offer unlimited words but there are a few key differences between the plans. For the creator plan you only get one tone of voice whereas with the Teams and Business plans you get 3 and unlimited voices respectively. This makes sense because the creator’s plan is only meant for one creator. You also get 50 memories for the creator version. Memories are essential facts about your product or business and its customers and market that Jasper uses to create authentic content. You can get a larger number of memories by enrolling in the Teams or Business memberships. If you have more than one team member the Teams membership might be for you. However, it only allows 3 team members so you may want to consider the Business membership if you have a larger marketing or content creation team.


To wrap it up, Jasper AI has changed the game of AI content writing by changing the way we create and consume written content. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate high-quality, engaging, and relevant content with incredible efficiency. Jasper AI can prove an important tool for businesses, marketers, and content writers alike, enabling them to create content in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

Jasper AI has a range of applications and can be used to create blog posts and ad copy and to craft product descriptions and email campaigns, these tools have streamlined the content creation process, freeing up valuable time and resources. Jasper AI enables you to create persuasive and compelling content giving even the smallest website and company the ability to generate AI content.

Moreover, Jasper AI isn’t just a long-form content generation tool it also offers assistance in content ideation, topic research, and even SEO optimization. Since Jasper has read 10% of the internet it has analyzed vast amounts of data and uses it to identify trends and generate insightful suggestions to help content creators develop content strategies that fit their niche.

However, it is good to note that while Jasper AI excels in producing accurate and engaging content, it is not a replacement for human creativity and expertise, and with Google penalizing content produces solely by AI, it is important that you do put in the time and effort to edit the content Jasper AI produces. The content still requires the human touch to infuse authenticity, emotion, and nuanced perspectives. The combination of Jasper AI and your amazing writing and editing skills is guaranteed to produce content that users will love to read.

With the great team behind Jasper AI, we can expect even more impressive capabilities in the future. It is an exciting time to be a content creator, as Jasper AI empowers you to utilize AI software to reach new heights of creativity and efficiency. All in all, I think Jasper AI has transformed the content creation landscape, and I still think that it is worth it in 2023 despite other tools being used to generate AI content.

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